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As soil dries out, it naturally starts to shrink. If this is happening underneath your concrete structures, you'll notice them sink to the ground. Next Level Concrete Lifting offers exceptional concrete lifting services in Rochester & Austin, MN. We use a mudjacking technique, which involves injecting polyurethane foam through small holes in your concrete to lift and level it.

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Benefits of lifting concrete

Lifting concrete features instead of replacing them can save you a ton of money in the long run. There are many benefits to lifting concrete, which include:

  • Minimum damage to your yard
  • Less labor cost than replacing your concrete structure
  • Increased ground support for your property

If you're ready to take advantage of these benefits, reach out to us today for top-notch concrete lifting services. We can't wait to leave you 100% satisfied.

Sinking Concrete

Sinking concrete is usually shown in the form of uneven, cracked or sunken concrete slabs. It is a serious problem always worth fixing and is often caused by the following:

  • Too much weight: The weight of the slab is pushing down on the soil, causing the slab to sink.

  • Soil erosion: Too much water washes away the soil beneath a slab causing a hole.

Most contractors will recommend repairing a sinking slab by demolishing the damaged area and pouring new concrete. This strategy is an extremely expensive and a time-consuming way to fix a sinking concrete slab. The other option frequently presented is mud-jacking which is cumbersome and costly. Foamjection should be your first choice.

Slab Repair Cost

Looking for a cost-effective way to fix the problem of a sinking concrete slab? The solution is Foamjection. Foamjection is the perfect option to avoid high slab repair and replacement costs. Our unique foam technology is a fantastic alternative saving you over 50% of the cost of concrete replacement.